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Update (April 23rd, 2018)

I discovered that instead of using an outline to combat this issue, it’s possible to use a negative margin. This achieves the same visual look but without the substantial frame rate hit. I’ve updated the post accordingly.


Essentially, I want to create what looks to be a single, flat surface but actually it’s comprised of numerous squares. Why on earth am I doing this? Well, that’s a story for another day.

To achieve this effect, I’ve implemented a CSS Grid Layout with boatloads of squares all given the same background, and then used transform to rotate them into an isometric…

Ever since Donkey Kong Country was released over 20 years ago, a mystery has relentlessly gnawed away at its players’ minds: why are the chimney stacks that represent the factory world sticking out of the top of a temple?

Having spent countless years investigating this topic, I believe that I’m in a position to present an explanation that’s sure to rock Donkey Kong Country fans to their core — a hypothesis that reveals development shortcuts taken by Rare, and calls into question the very nature of Donkey Kong Island.

To begin, a gander at the land mass in question:

Chrome seems to have an issue with using background-size: cover to make background images fill the entirety of the element the property is used on. Instead of a clean edge, a line of pixels from the opposite end of the image often shows up. I’ve created a fiddle demonstrating the bug, pictured below:

Left: How the element should look
Right: How Chrome renders the element

Your first thought is likely ‘Ah, a rounding bug!’ — and you’d be right. …

Ryan Williams

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