Forget Perfection: Always Keep Relaunching Your Ideas

“If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” 
Leo Tolstoy

When you are creating a product for the world, whether it’s a podcast, a book, a tech product, a YouTube series, a live talk, an online course…you want it to be perfect. It’s human nature to strive for perfection.

Why? Because creating any product is damn hard. And we feel like we can’t make mistakes. We strive for perfection out of fear that our competitors will beat us if we’re not perfect.

Forget Perfection. Seriously, Stop aiming to be perfect.

In reality our mistakes make us who we are. So when you’re software product fails for version 1.0, ask your customers why it was broken, and then make version 2.0 even better. If your podcast has no listeners, pivot your idea, learning from your mistakes to grow in a new direction. When you’re self-published book sits on Amazon without any reviews, ask yourself “how can I make this book better?”

Overall, successful people are always in a state of constant relaunch. In the software age, our mindset needs to be that everything will fail at first. But when you’re learning along the way, you can and will always make your product better. Forget perfection.

There are no “viral moments,” in 2016. Meaning, nothing takes off overnight like rocket ship. There a no golden tickets. Every thing takes time.

When Facebook launched it had no Facebook newsfeed. Twitter was actually a podcast app when it launched called Odeo. And when Odeo pivoted to Twitter, it didn’t launch with hashtags or @ replies, both were feature suggestions from the community. And Instagram wasn’t even a photo-sharing app at launch, it was a location app like Foursqure before it pivoted.

Forget perfection. Launch, and then relaunch until you get it right.