#100DaysOfJournaling — Day 17

After only yesterday proclaiming that I want to contribute more to open source in 2018, I’ve already made a pull request. It’s only a small addition to a list of tutorials, but hey, off to a good start!

I didn’t go out on NYE last night, and have no FOMO about it. Usually I’d second guess my decision to be responsible and stay in, so as not to be hungover before my first day at a new job. But I’m totally OK with it. I think I’m learning to rely less on external validation or social pressure, and realizing that the way I choose to live my life is fine, and that I don’t need to be constantly comparing myself to everyone else.

Obviously if I get super lazy, or were doing some self-destructive shit, I’d hope I could see myself in such a situation rather than blindly spiral out of control.

But I’m starting a new job, working on fun side projects, staying connected with friends, and overall making positive life decisions. My goal is to continue and improve this mindset, this approach to life in 2018 and beyond.

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