Great decision are made over great food and wine. This I am completely sure of in a completely unsure way. I think great decisions are made from great moments. To be clear, great moments can come from bad moments. Or great moments. It doesn’t necessarily matter the status of the moments. They come from times of meaning, the meaning creating the moment. You can foster these moments through many different ways, both organic and inorganic. But the fact is greatness exists in all walks of life, it just takes a great moment to create that moment. This I am sure of. I had great food and great wine tonight. And I had a great moment. I’m writing this because on my walk home from my great food and great wine I thought I should do this. This all sounds self involved and in all honesty it is. (I didn’t write that last sentence, or this sentence, as a throw away “hey I’m not pretentious I swear” kind of thing, I readily admit an underlying spirit of this post is derived from my selfasobered douchery). The greatness of the moment, coupled with a walk home listening to Roses by the Chainsmokers and S.O.B by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, led to a moment. A great moment. I’m not sure if what I have to say really matters to people or not. In all likelihood it doesn’t. But that’s okay. My moment, my realization, was that I need to do what I like and life will be what it is. I like BSing. I like conversations that feel exhausting, because that exhaustion means you care. And I want to express that in this space. In a bullshit Facebook post with white text laid over a heavily photoshopped picture of two unrealistic people enjoying an unrealistic life way I want to express this commonly spoken about but uncommonly practices idea. Enjoy the moment. Have great food and great wine and enjoy the moment of that. And then do what comes to you in that moment. Do what happens in that great moment for that is the point of a great moment.


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