Why Trump voters are not “complete idiots”
Chris Arnade

Great points here. You helped put a pin on my own scattered thoughts on the matter. Bravo. As an elitist who has many friends on the other side and accepts their views, I have solid defense for them against other elitists who at times attack them with labels that Trump brings to the table (racists, morons, sheeple, etc.). Voting for this specific volatility is going to burn folks bad… it’s like buying a lottery ticket and believing it’s going to be the big winner despite the odds. 3 things are possible; 1) Trump winning is very improbable, the press will show him ahead just to force more Clinton votes to come out. She is the media’s anointed one after-all. The Trumpsters will be devastated and become volatile themselves. 2) Trump might win but we’re looking at a minimum lottery win scenario… you know, the 3 dollar win on a ticket you spent $20 on. The reality that he shifts his story and stance with the breeze will sting his backers. They will see that he is the most moderate of policy makers. They will see concessions and broken promises (the wall) and they will be irritated beyond belief. They’ve given up on the GOP and now the great Orange Hype swindled them. They’ll have nowhere to turn for a long time if ever. Maybe that’s the plan? 3) They win the Lottery and he tries to be the guy he’s been selling. Drunk uncle starts world war 3 and we all die. The end.

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