A Brief Overview of UX Design

What is User Experience Design? (my answer)

User experience is the what, when, why, where, who and how a user uses a product. Basically everything that affects a user’s interaction a product.

What is User Experience Design? (Robert Hoekman Jr.’s answer)

User experience is the net sum of every interaction a person has with a company, be it marketing collateral, a customer service call, or the product or service itself. It is affected by the company’s vision and the beliefs it holds and its practices, as well as the service or product’s purpose and the value it holds in a person’s life.

What does a UX Designer Do? (my answer)

Someone who asks a ton of questions and designs how a user interacts with a product.

What does a UX Designer Do? (Dan Saffer’s answer)

User experience design usually refers to a digital product or service but in reality it is all around us from the restaurant we had lunch at today to the backpack we carried to work. It is every point of contact that a person has with a service or product.


The Disciplines of User Experience Design is a Venn diagram by Dan Saffer adapted by Thomas Gläser.

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