Task Analysis Research Methodology

This week’s lesson was Task Analysis Mapping.

Our goal was to outline all of the steps that it takes to paint a living room.

The practice is called Task Analysis Mapping. Task analysis mapping is done when researchers and designers (and designer-researchers) are trying to understand how someone completes a task on their own, without guidance or prompting. Since everyone has slightly different ways of going about solving problems.

We were given the following guidelines:

This task analysis will be done in a sketched storyboard format. Which means that instead of listing out the steps, we’d like you to try to draw each of the steps.

My process was as follows:

  1. Identify the Problem — We always joked about how ugly the walls were and just never did anything about it.
  2. Find a solution — Everyone in the flat had a sit down to decide if we all wanted to spend the time and money to repaint.
  3. Ask for Approval — We asked the landlord if he would allow us to paint.
  4. Research — We looked online and different colors.
  5. Agree to Terms— We all agreed that it would be split 3 ways and the work would be done together.
  6. Purchase supplies — Everyone went together to the hardware store to look at paint swatches and purchase supplies.
  7. Execution — We decided who did what and got to work.
  8. Enjoy!-

The project made me think of planning and execution and how even simple tasks (like painting walls) require forethought.

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