The amount of Reactionary Kobe Defenders that WON’T show up on this comment thread will reveal all…
Robbie Blasser

Erm, why can’t we have both? Kobe IS a legend. He brought us 5 rings and 7 conference championships. It was sad to watch him decline, but inevitable. The front office gave him a ridiculous “thank you” contract and he sold tickets at the Staples Center when the team was basically unwatchable. Sure it was a brutal two years, but kinda worth it when taking into account said 5 titles and that last game (I have never wept so hard during a meaningless regular season game). And now, we have Luke and are set up for the future with a fun, young core. I don’t think any Laker fan can be resentful towards Kobe. He is responsible for some of the greatest moments in our sports fandom. It was definitely time for him to go, and we’re excited for the future, but I’m not sure why this team and this season has to be an indictment against Kobe and everything he did for The Lakers over his storied career. But haters gonna hate I guess. It’s good to be a Lakers fan :)

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