Bootcamp Week 5: Ups, Downs, SQL, and JavaScript

Coding to:

The week started with SQL, and all was great in the world. Disclosure: I did SQL professionally, so I tried to excel at excellence. Joins, queries, data structure. Most of the work was data input and planning the structure out. I made a database that had lots of many to many relationships about music with:

  • Album
  • Artist
  • Song
  • Track
  • Writer
  • Collaborators
  • Instruments in song

Honestly, I had great fun with the whole process, even the absurdity of mapping out the structure in which almost all data points had many to many relationships.

Then JavaScript.

Also fun? But in a more frustrating sense? I like being frustrated? Eh, I learned to not take computer errors personally anymore. It’s not Python, I’ll tell you that.

I also shoved too much on my plate.

This weekend I’m attending the City of Houston Hackathon:
I’m probably joining this team:

I’m geocoding 40,000 restaurants in the Houston area as we speak (write?).

I’m also conceptualizing my portfolio site. I’m thinking data-driven dashboard front and center, as that’s my main strength and interest. Who wants to know how lucky their baseball team is? There’s a dashboard coming soon to answer that question!

I’m also boning up on Django some more, as well as Regular Expressions and Analytics.

I, uh, also got a 100 on a quiz? Yay? Yay!

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