DigitalCrafts Week 11: How to work, and React

Not listening to music; instead, reading documentation on React.

Just when I got the hang of JavaScript, here comes React to humble me yet again. Objects were already a concept I’m trying my hardest to embrace, but layer on it the dynamics of this framework, and it looks like magic. I’m determined, though. This is how one develops platform-agnostic mobile apps, so I feel I have to get this. One thing, though, once you get React working with Material UI, you get some slick looking sites.

So, this may be the third post on my group project (, but there was so much to unpack in terms of what I took away from this experience. Firstly, here’s that app’s relational data structure that I’m particularly proud of cooking up:

That was fun, but moving on…

How to work and approach a problem is one concept I want to reflect upon. I fell in to the fallacy that the solution was just within reach not once, but twice while working on bugs with this project, and both times I spent an inordinate amount perseverating on the issue at hand. Before I knew it, hours and hours had passed, I was mentally exhausted, and was not as close to the solution as I had thought.

The right approach, which I had wisely applied to in-class exercises, was to walk away after a given set amount of time. Get away! Your mind is tired! Sometimes I’m incorrigible, especially with things I’m passionate about, like that group project. I need to set time for myself to NOT work, so step away from the problem, and stop my mind from spinning. There was a Steam sale recently; I should play one of those games I got for cheap for an hour for every two hours on.

Check this article out about maximum productivity time allotment:

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