The 5 Podcasts that Every Govtech Entrepreneur Should Follow

Ryan Gayman
Jul 6 · 4 min read

Startups and age-old mega corporations across the US are clamoring to develop tech solutions that tackle government’s biggest challenges. And for good reason. These ‘govtech’ companies recognize that in the US alone, states and local municipal governments spend a total of $3.25 trillion annually. e.Republic reports that from 2017 to 2018 the govtech market rose from $101.3B to $103B. Ambitious entrepreneurs and venture capitalists alike are drawn to solving the big, seemingly intractable government problems.

Alongside the increase in investment and growth in govtech companies, a number of podcasts have emerged that delve into this emerging world of technology, government and policy. The following podcasts are the best ones I have found to stay up to date on the ideas, leaders and companies that are driving the world of govtech.

(1) GOVTECH 360

GovTech360 is the marquee podcast from the leading tech publication Government Technology. The show “takes the two dullest subjects in the world, government and technology, and makes them irresistibly relevant and undeniably fascinating.” What more could you want?!

Co-hosts and government technology experts practitioners Dustin Haisler, Paul Taylor, Noelle Knell and Joe Morris dive into a variety of topics ranging from civic tech blockchain to AI and big data in the modern smart city. Listen to GOVTECH 360 regularly and you’ll be tapped into the technology trends that are driving the future of state and local governments across the US.\

Listen at:

(2) GovLove

GovLove is the core podcast from the bright minds at ELGL — a digital platform for a community of local government leaders committed to reshaping local government through new ideas and technology. If you are a govtech entrepreneur or investor interested in learning about the pain points faced by local government officials, then GovLove is a must listen for you.

Typically, media sources focus on illuminating national and state-based issues — leaving out voices from municipal government that impact a majority of people in their local communities. GovLov changes all of that. Each week, they bring you interviews and compelling stories about the people, policies and technologies that are at the heart of making local government work.

Listen at:

(3) Technopolis

Technopolis brings a fresh and critical eye to the trends in technology that are forever changing cities and urban life. This new podcast from the urbanists at CityLab provides urban innovation expert Molly Turner and startup advisor Jim Kapsis with a platform to dig into how technology companies need to change in order to ‘help solve more problems than [they] create.

This podcast breathes a healthy dose of criticality and fresh air into what can be a stale ‘tech will save the world’ echo chamber. Listen each week as Technolopolis sheds light on compelling stories that represent the biggest tech trends impacting government and urban life.

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(4) Autonocast

Autonocast is a weekly podcast show where mobility-tech journalists Kirsten Korosec, Alex Roy and Ed Niedermeyer bring you the latest in transportation technology news. You might be asking yourself why a podcast about self-driving cars and the future of transportation makes the list for govtech podcasts.

Put simply, the massive, seemingly intractable problems of mobility and infrastructure are domains deeply connected to government. Govtech entrepreneurs and investors alike are flocking to be the front runners in the mobility technology revolution. Check-in each week to stay up to date on topics ranging from autonomous vehicles to urban transportation data and micro-mobility.

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(5) a16z

So far, this list has covered the perspectives of government officials, govtech entrepreneurs and policy wonks. But it would be an incomplete list if we did not include a podcast that captures the views of investors that are pumping money into the govtech industry. A16z is the podcast that brings you the investor perspective on all things tech and government.

Produced by Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm, a16z gives you a peak at how venture capital funds view trends in technology — especially as ‘software eats the world’. Learn about cutting edge technology trends in government from industry experts, business leaders and other investors in a16z’s influential orbit.

Listen at:

The library of podcasts for govtech entrepreneurs continues to grow. Please let me know if there is a podcast that I’ve missed!

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