Are You Really Pro-Life?
Traci Schmidley

Traci, thank you for your excellent article. This has been making the rounds in our circle with a lot of thoughtful reflection and many hearty cheers of, “Right on!”

I wanted to offer one additional thought on the political side of things… I’m in favor of securing our border with Mexico, but for any of the usual reasons. When I looked at the families that are fleeing their cities and towns in search of a new life, I wondered why the drug cartels have been able to exert such control. After researching the topic a bit from an amatuer’s perspective (read: Google and a few think-tank websites), the answer seems to be American Drug Money. By allowing an unfettered drug trade to and from Mexico, we pump literally Billions of dollars a year into funding the domestic terrorism of the Mexican drug rings. It’s our problem, and there is absolutely nothing pro-life about allowing our problem to destroy the lives of our neighbors.

I guess you could say I’m after the root causes, and I view a secured border not as a way to keep people out — we can and should do everything possible for our brothers and sisters who are suffering — but rather as a way of containing the poison of our own problems and forcing us to face them ourselves.

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