What is the universe expanding into?

I have always been curious about quantum physics and weird concepts in general. There are a few ideas that quantum physics foster that are impossible for the human mind to comprehend. To put these concepts in to words can often times incite laughter in many. I sit here typing and know that anyone who is about to read this might take me for a fool or even a lunatic. I am prepared to take this criticism with a ‘grain of salt’.

There are two different dimensions (for lack of a better word) we need to understand. The dimension we exist and the dimension we are expanding into. Also, let’s explore the point at which these two dimensions meet. I will do my best to illustrate this idea by drawing comparisons to everyday objects. First, let’s explore the idea of the ‘big bang’. Physicists are quite confident that the universe came to be by a massive explosion of sorts. The idea that at time ‘zero’ there was nothing and then at time ‘bang’ or time ‘not zero’ the universe began to expand. We currently are living in time ‘not zero’ and we continue to ‘bang’ or expand outward.

Big Bang Expansion

I like to compare this expansion to blowing up a children’s balloon. However, when I think about this concept, I stumble on two problems. The first problem, what is happening at time ‘zero’ when there is apparent nothingness? Second, after the bang occurs, the universe begins to expand, but expand into what?

The children’s balloon, in our example above, expands into what I would call ‘space’. This space is something we can see and quantify. The mind can easily conceptualize this and understands what is happening here. However, when the mind attempts to apply this concept to the big bang it doesn’t seem to compute. What is the universe expanding into? Is the expansion creating ‘space’ as it expands or does the universe exists in an infinite expanse of space-time? If the universe did in fact get created from nothing, then the very space and dimension we exist in now, must at some point in the past, not have existed. The expansion of the universe is occurring at this very moment, bringing nothingness into ‘something-ness’ at the far reaches space.

Going back to our children’s balloon example. The space inside the balloon is ‘something-ness’ and the space outside is ‘nothingness’. The point at which these two ‘areas of dimension’ connect is what I would call the ‘creation horizon’. Like a paint brush going over the blank canvas of space. Forever illuminating what was not, giving this dimension shape and existence.

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