Why Burning Man is not just another festival

I remembered my first time biking out to the Esplanade and being struck with awe at all the lights. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. A completely new world to discover.

This year marked my 4th time going to burning man consecutively and I expect it won’t be my last time going. Over the past 4 years, I’ve come to several conclusions and thoughts about this annual festival. I felt compelled to write this to share my opinion with you all and contribute my words in hopes to connect with you.

Kids that go to Burning Man are insanely mature and free

This year I ran into a lot of children at Burning Man and each one amazed me. For starters, I personally couldn’t imagine attending Burning Man at such a young age. Being faced with the harsh conditions, the crazy people, the drinking, the sex, the nudity, and the drugs. Growing up, our family went camping.

The kids I met seemed completely unfazed by the surroundings and actually embraced it. They fit in and connected with adults without hesitation. I remembered jumping on this trampoline with a couple other “adults” and this little girl jumped right in and started to play with us.

It was truly beautiful to see these kids being exposed to this odd world. A world where anything is possible and people are loving. I hope parents continue to expose their kids to this magical wonderland and perhaps these younger generations will grow up to be more loving, creative and free.

Dreamers and creators are everywhere

This past year I remembered laying in my van with my eyes wide open. I was camped at 3:30 & H, but I still heard the massive bass reverberating in the distance. I ended up going for a walk at around 3am because I knew that there is something to do at all hours of the day. As I walked out into the darkness, I came across several amazingly lit dome structures and art cars.

It’s amazing to me to see people who had a dream or a vision and actually created it for this amazing week-long festival. The sound camps were absolutely stunning with amazing sound systems that will knock the dust off your shoulders.

Burning Man is probably the only place where you’ll hear in a conversation, “yea we set out and found a bunch of moving trees where we ended up dancing all night.”

Burning Man gives you what you need

Every year I set out with little expectation, but I do try to accomplish a couple things during my time there. Every year without fail, I never end up doing any of them. I always get distracted in people and connections being built that I completely forget about my original agenda.

I’m surprised that during that week, everything seems a lot more intense. The connection you make with people are 10x faster and deeper than usual.

Connection runs deeps

As I was sitting inside a giant head, I had some amazingly deep conversation with complete strangers. I also felt extremely connected to the people around me. To hold someone in a deep embrace, look into their eyes and have a meaningful and deep conversation.

Burning Man is an amazing place where you can be whatever you want to be and connect with other lovely people in this life.

In dust we trust!

See you next year,


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