My Day At The Andela Bootcamp

It was Friday and luckily I was able to wake up on time. There was terrible traffic all the way to the Andela campus but I was able to get there right on the dot. There was one familiar face from the interviews, Robert with whom we pat each other on the back for reaching this stage. They gave us fancy cards for entry to the learning room with QR codes that made it feel like we were going into some place only few mortals get to see.

I believe the class we were to be in was dubbed Mordor and we simply walked in after having some coffee. We met the bootcamp facilitators and started off by going out to the field for stretching. We played some games to warm up the mind such as Simon-says which I was of course among the first to be eliminated. The final game was the survivor type and I advanced rather close to the end by forming a pact with one guy. Of course as we reached the end, one of us had to betray the other and it was I who betrayed him. Deservingly, I was betrayed 2 rounds later, crying out ‘Et tu, Brute?’.

Afterwards, we had some interesting classes on Test Driven Development (TDD) and Programming Logic. While I’ve always been hesitant to adopt TDD, I understand it’s part of being a civilized programmer, what separates us from the animals and what not so I’m hoping to practice it out. After these was lunch which was to die for really. They really have great chefs.

Up next was git which was rather new to me but I caught on with help from a friend I made Mark. I still don’t understand how I ever lived without it. Enter panic as time was running out yet I had not started working on the deliverables for the day. We cracked our heads with other members in the group trying to find working and efficient algorithms and while I was a tad late, I was able to submit my work.

I despised it when my stupid algorithms wouldn’t work, loved the time spent with other really smart human beings, laughing with them and was inspired to work smarter if I am to advance. Admittedly, it was a great experience. Long live git.

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