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The terrorism that our country has faced and the terrorism that is even overseases by ISIS or Al Queda is not politically motivated, its religiously motivated. You ever hear the term ‘jihad’ or ‘holy war’? Us, as Americans, and any able bodied human who doesnt look at Allah the way these terrorist do, to them we are called ‘Infidels’ .

Now, not all Muslims act or believe in the things these terrorists do. I know Muslims. I have Muslim friends. Ive lived with Muslims in Afghanistan when I was in the Marines. They are some beautiful people who want happiness just like Christians and Catholics and whoever else you want to name. The difference with these terrorists are that their version of their religion want to force Islam on people snd whoever doesnt accept it they will kill in order to please Allah.

Ask any American. The days and months after 9/11, when we invaded Afghanistan trying to get Bin Laden, everyone was for it. Those attacks not only put us as a country on alert because maybe we got complacent with our security, but also fueled some Americans to the point of joining the Armed Forces in order to protect our freedom.

Whether you are a Republican or Democrat and whether or not the Commander in Chief is either or, when our country and our citizens and livelihood is attacked, we need to act. This is America. The most hated country in the world because of our freedoms and what we are allowed to do here. If we get attacked, its not because of who is President, its because of what we stand for, and since these terroists dont see views the way we do, they want to try and take it away from us, the ‘Infidel’, the people who dont adere to their religion.

Go back in history. 9/11 wasnt the only time we were attacked and then we went to do something about it. Plain and simple, donkeys and elephants aside, you attack America, we will get justice.
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