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Poor officiating in the tournament was a troubling trend. Sure, there will always be bad calls throughout games, but it was more the mindset of the referees, consistently eager to blow the whistle that ruined any semblance of flow that the game could have enjoyed.

Until the NCAA is held accountable for their decision to select officials with these officiating tendencies, we will be forced to live with the atrocity that was last night. My suggestion? Prominent writers should boycott offering any commentary on the game, until the NCAA issues a statement admitting their mistake, and placing a permanent ban on those officials from ever working a Final Four game again. Imagine how quickly the NCAA would respond if even a handful of the top columnists refused to offer commentary until these issues were addressed. Let’s not kid ourselves: the most important thing to the NCAA is money as their $989 million in fiscal revenue in 2014 indicates. No commentary on the game reduces traffic, and therefore ad sales, all of which would eventually trickle its way to the top. Its not a threat to take lightly.

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