Why Wouldn’t You Want to Become a Developer?
Catalina Astengo

I’d like to add that even for people who want to do physical/outside activities it will amplify your everything-isms. I’m going to take Knitting, since discussing “building” with AutoCAD software and such is a bit more obvious(still, I have wannabe builders who are still ignoring the computer).
A knitter could create a database of techniques, designs, materials, tools, people, and organizations. At first, this could be simply text, with some pictures. Video would be an great next addition(text, images, and video can already branch out into a myriad of skills). Later, it could be 3D designs with custom color-coding, with the ability to zoom and rotate. Further, it could be animated, showing exactly how the loops go where(forgive my lack of terminology — speaking of which, one could learn the terms of knitting quite quickly at this point if integrated), slowing down and speeding up.

This could be expanded on to include algorithms that knit themselves virtually, self-concocting new techniques altogether or auto-choosing the best ones for the job.

Taking a step back again, you could have physical drawers with sensors and other automated actions. Depending on the sensors, you could keep track of all the materials and tools you currently have, even track them as they leave and return(likely most useful for multiple knitters). Basically, everything you can possibly get out of the way so you can focus on knitting.