Hacking App Store SEO with CamRoll

This was a project for a Stanford Human Computer Interaction Class (CS 147 in 2016) that blew up in China (close to 4k users) with no PR. I hypothesize this was due to a “hack” where I added the most popular emojis as keywords for the app in the App Store. It is super buggy but you can check out here! If anyone’s interested in taking this project over and updating it- email me! I’d hate to see it languish but all my time is towards Mindscribe now.

I designed and developed the app in roughly 15 hours and threw it into the App Store abyss not expecting anything of it:

Here is a screenshot of the App Store Analytics (the opt-in only fields are representative of 1% of the usage). Even years later (July 2018) it is receiving 5k impressions and 50 downloads a week purely from App Store SEO