How I won a $10k+ Dev Contract with 3 months of experience

When I moved to San Francisco in 2015 I needed to figure out a way to fund my living and startup expenses for Redcup/Sail. I had used Elance to hire developers for Spydy Contacts and sometimes received emails regarding jobs I might be interested in as a freelancer. There was a posting for a dating mobile app from a UK company that piqued my interest (since the contract size was in the highest bracket, >$10k). However I only had 3 months of design and technical experience at the time. I threw in my first freelance proposal ever and beat 100 seasoned freelancers’ proposals to get the project. I secured it because I was U.S. based (not China/India/Russia-based) and I emphasize design very strongly in my products. Over the next few months I worked with Squish Group to bring their concept for Luvango from idea to App Store. I did everything from mobile & web design to backend architecture to iOS development for the project.

Through Luvango I gained experience working with a team as the technical lead as well as the ins-and-outs of freelancing. Another lesson was that technical experience matters less than I thought!