Sail was my next endeavor in the social events space. I gained a lot of competitive intelligence and experience through the Redcup experience.

Sail is the best way to find things to do with friends. In the app you can see what’s going on around you (events from Eventbrite, Meetup, and tens of secondary ticket sales websites), what your friends are doing, and anonymously create events and invite friends.

The killer feature in Sail is the contextual notification platform based on where you are. The app will let you know when there are events nearby and more importantly when your friends are at an event around you. Without anyone touching their phone. It felt like magic.

My initial user cohort in San Francisco was using the app primarily as an event aggregator (learned through data analytics and customer interviews). I wanted to build a new social platform and not a utility, so I gave it another shot with Outmap.

Sail screenshots

Originally published at on September 5, 2015.