Listen, Can We Please Not Do This Shit?
Cory Kuklick

I loathed the way the taxes were overhyped, but I find this to be from the perspective of someone who hasn’t been following Maddow at all, especially recently. She has done so much great work on the Russia connections as well as conflicts of interest minutia that everyone else seems to be ignoring -and makes a great strides to never get into his tweets or silly shit, she deserves a lot more praise. It’s a shame this one nights worth of reporting overshadowed the great work she has been doing.

While gaffes from Carson are “insane”, you’ll find the content of her reporting is far more substantive than covering shocking gaffes, but actual policy stuff that has far more real world implications than terrible people saying crazy shit. As far as the more substantive stuff you mentioned, she does indeed cover that stuff, please try and follow her for more than just over hyped episode to make a judgment on her programming content.

Also keep in mind, she has about 40 minutes of air time a day and does deep dives, so she can’t cover everything, some stuff might not get covered, she’s only one person and one program. But I challenge anyone to listen to her for a week and tell me she isn’t covering real substantive stuff and that they didn’t learn something new that had real world implications on their lives.

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