rapid prose poem 29

When the climbing raccoon went viral the window washers groaned. Cast lots and pull straws for the shift hanging and scrubbing bandit daredevil newswriter pun dung. And now there’s babies. Mama gone but clinging all of them little paws not yet grubby outside generic admin supervisor corner office 13th floor marked 12. Office email listserve announces popcorn and viewing of Princess Bride in “club 1370Z”. A couple die hards show up and act out the movie in quotes. Never get involved in a land war in Asia. Climbing that brick wall was a blunder raccoon there aint no food up there. Did you evolve and mutate that suddenly to lust after a good view, maybe looking west at the sunset, your first time seeing the rust sun fall behind the Appalachian ridges losing yourself and everything inside falling. Falling away from the groaning window washers and clinging paws.

ryan meyer art rapid prose poem 29