rapid prose poem 31

Missed it blew it and only can watch the replays of someone else’s memories. The big one screw it stay cooped up and worn out in your library world book nook oh that’s so cozy rug and mid-century décor to block out the grunge and grime and downright entropy following you again. Why keep trying and why fight, why not give in and go with that flow floating blowing flapping tattered at the edges but living the good life. Remember all those times your friends lamented, no, sighed for the missed connections and ones that got a way better life with someone who actually shared their passions. Passionate and blind the eye-roll lovers or what’s left of them in the romantic string-lit alley rendezvous keep it alive nothing like danger to excite the senses and yet even here within nostalgia dimming but not in a good moody way.

Ryan Meyer

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art · design · writing · MFA University of California, Davis http://ryanmeyerart.com