rapid prose poem 32

Ugh you make me crazy because of just the way you are the way you stand, the way you turn your head, the way your hair falls over your shoulders, the way you smile and laugh the way your eyes pierce, the way your body curves the way you have fun and act silly. Whatsapp cmon deliver these messages and turn crazy head inside out with self-defacement masochism “why do I do this to myself” because doggone it you’re a hopeless poet artist feeding off the good story the romantic story this time that ends tragically with another good night please sleep well. Does your story have a December 2nd lawnmower sound filling the drama of unfulfilled longing to use cringey words like “longing”. Will I need to need to invent words that mean the same thing? How else can it be said, the biological compass points towards you? How else can it be said, all roads lead to you? How else can it be said “I know it’s impossible to work out between us but I do miss you and I can’t get you out of my head…” Same, good night sleep well please.