rapid prose poem 35

I slept in a vehicle and the doors froze shut over night. The view was beautiful because there wasn’t much of one muted by a cold fog that came to the edge of crystallization. No one woke me but my internal combustion still hot from the gym reignited with a spark from the diffused light. And now as I consider breaking the fourth wall by stating I have a sore throat and tender sinus cavity. It doesn’t feel good but I’ll go back to the vehicle anyway. Is it wrong to say you didn’t do something out of necessity? If you did it, then you must have had to do it instead of all the other options that you didn’t have to do because you didn’t do them. When you sleep in a car and someone attractive notices did it even happen? Someone hot with a cold heart likes you swipe right to find out who. I can’t help feeling lukewarm sometimes.

ryan meyer art rapid prose poem