rapid prose poem 38

Weird days happen ya know let’s talk it out because you ground me. Something about you grounds me. I’m stuck staring at the screen, watching the movie of my life like what I imagine a hallucinogenic trip to be like. Yikes, that’s what my character says to me. Thai cutie mama pulls me down and says tonight I’ll be nice you’ve had a rough weird day. Yes, thank you now I can go back to reading and writing for a short while longer hoping to stay out of trouble and stay out of needing a change of scene says the hooligan against complacency the rabble rouser who falls in ruts too easily the delinquent who behaves himself yet ruins the earth with every transcontinental plane flight. I can only imagine the true love in my movie, the ecstasy that seems so trite to a viewer who’s been told many times that it doesn’t last, or enjoy your adventures now free man in the prime of your life. When the writer saw greener grass did they stay still? Still sitting on the placid seat with lamplight gloating over?

ryan meyer art rapid prose poem