How Fitness & Health Pros Can Grow Their Revenue to 6 & 7 Figures, While Working 50% Less

Everybody knows that fitness is one of the most important aspects of our lives. At some point, we all have had the desire to get in shape, especially around New Years. In most cases, when people look in the mirror, they do not have a clear strategy or execution plan to achieve their health and wellness goals. As we know, the job of a fitness or health coach is to help their clients be consistent with getting there in the most simple and quickest way possible. Unfortunately, for the trainers and coaches, their time is very limited. That is why it is so essential for trainers and health coaches to streamline their businesses, so they won’t have to sacrifice time and income while helping their dream clients.

Enter the world of Isaiah Grant, CEO of the Dream Fitness Client Academy. Isaiah created this academy to help fitness and health coaches grow their revenue to 6 and 7 figures, while working 50% less. Isaiah has extensive knowledge and experience within the fitness and health industry, giving him the cutting edge that has enabled him to train hundreds of coaches throughout the world.

Early on in life, Isaiah got diagnosed with diabetes, and it drastically changed his life. He was pretty active, and so he did not want to be hindered by anything, and so he set out to beat this illness. Through being diagnosed, it produced a passion in Isaiah to make better health and wellness choices, which lead to hiring a health coach. Isaiah has combined his love for fitness and health, with his passion for business development. During his 4 years in undergrad, he built a very successful non-profit which helped him grow in the knowledge of business development, marketing and sales.

Isaiah graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems from the prestigious University of Connecticut, and achieved his MBA in Marketing from the University of Hartford. He is followed by a tribe of 36,000 entrepreneurs on social media, and has managed advertisement spending of over 1 million in the past seven years for his clients. In addition, he has inspired hundreds of thousands of online fitness and health professionals with his value packed content. Through his 90-Day implementation program — The Dream Fitness Client Academy, he has helped fitness and health coaches grow their revenue to 6 and 7 figures, while working at least 50% less. In his words, “so many fitness and health coaches are limited to the amount of impact and revenue they can generate because they are trading time for money. We didn’t start our business to “baby-sit” it, but to have time and financial freedom”. If you are interested in building million dollar positioning within your niché, and working 50% less while drastically growing your income — you can connect with Isaiah on social media at @isaiah_grant on IG,, and to learn more about enrolling in his program, visit

How would your life be different if you were able to free up at least 10 hours per week of busy work? It would feel great, huh? No more “babysitting” your business. What if you had a clear strategy, roadmap and the knowledge to consistently make 6 to 7 figures? It’s time to get off the cashflow roller coaster and reclaim your time back so you can spend it with your family, traveling and growing your business. If you’re interested in getting off of that cashflow roller coaster, and achieving your revenue and impact targets, while working 50% less, you should visit —

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