Who Says Women Can’t Dominate??? Coleen Otero and The CEO Chicks Network Gives The Tools For Women to Dominate Entrepreneurship

Ryan Whitehead
3 min readJul 19, 2020

Coleen Otero, Founder and CEO of The CEO Chicks Network, is a guru when it comes to empowering women to dominate in entrepreneurship. Her passion includes helping women understand business acumen, as well as encouraging them to become true business leaders. Coleen accomplishes this by creating webinars, workshops, and step by step guides that enable women to create, collaborate and dominate in their respective industries.

Based out of Orlando, Florida, Coleen began her career in the beauty industry right out of high school. She was always motivated to help her clients look and feel beautiful, and she has transformed that drive into her role as a brand curator, motivational speaker and coach. She has quite the experience keeping things organized, as she has been married for 20 years and is a mother of four boys. As her business grew, she launched a second hub in Chicago, where a big part of her network membership is based. She works with women across various genres, from the medical field, beauty industry, to coaches and consultants. Her network is filled with thousands of audacious women determined to win in the marketplace.

A major focus when it comes to Coleen’s coaching is the process of going from concept to creation. She hosts 1:1 coachings, as well as group coachings to educate women on how to lead in their field and with their business. She really hones in on effectively finding the need behind what their product and/or service can provide. Having a coach like this is extremely essential because in order for a business to be successful, one must really be educated in all facets of what it takes to run a business. She is described as having a heart for women to dominate in their lanes to help them learn business competence.

In our time together, I gained insight on what is required for any start-up to have a fighting chance of survival in this market. She calls it her M-Factor. Coleen shared with us, from the pages of her book, Brand To Bucks, why so many fail before even starting in business, it was simple yet profound and powerful. These four keys are crucial to the foundation of any brand. They are as follows:

Magnetism — The ability to attract people to your products and/or services. You must be able to create a demand for what you have in the marketplace.

Man Power — Every brand needs an A team. Having individuals with the heart for the vision and the skillsets to carry out the vision are necessary.

Money — Most fail from a lack of financial resources. Whether a brand is going for traditional funding or utilizing funding platforms to generate cash flow, money is a must!

Mental Strength — It takes guts to run a business, as an entrepreneur you will face many challenges and pressures. Leaders must learn how to manage the stress that comes from success!

With many Black women-owned businesses hit hard during the pandemic, Coleen brought her team together to host weekly Fempire masterclasses for women entrepreneurs and special giveaways to offer some relief. The masterclasses take place on Mondays through August 3 and touch on important topics like securing business funding, leadership development, using technology to scale, and more. Giveaway winners are announced every Wednesday until August 5. The winners each receive a package valued at $5,000, which includes a $500 business grant, product, services and Coleen’s Brand To Bucks book. Women interested in registering for the masterclasses or entering for a chance to win can visit https://www.ceochicksonline.com/fempire.

If you are a woman who has a dream and desire to dominate in your work space, connect with Coleen and her team at Ceochicksonline.com, Coleenotero.com, and on social media @ceochicks and @coleenoteroceo