Character Limit Changes Coming to Twitter Next Week

I chose the article “Twitter’s 140 Character Exemptions to Come into Effect from Next Week” on SocialMediaToday. Twitter announced four big changes to the 140-character limit a few months ago and the controversial final two will be enacted on September 19th. The changes that have already come into effect were the least drastic and have easily been accepted by users. However, the other two changes initially sparked debate by ensuring that @names no longer count in replies and media attachments do not count against the 140-character limit. By sticking to a three-to-four month time range on rolling out major updates after their announcement, Twitter has followed the precedent set recently by Facebook and Instagram. This time range is extremely smart because it allows the temporary outrage produced by the announcement of a major change to subside before the change actually takes effect.

Businesses can now include more content in their Twitter messages to customers, especially when directly replying to a question or concern. Comments shared with media attachments can be more detailed as well, giving customers the opportunity to connect more deeply with their favorite brands. Although this twitter update offers space for more thorough messages, businesses must remember that much of Twitter’s charm is tied to its brevity and ease for readers. Thankfully, the change in character limit policy offers more freedom for that last compelling word or emoji that otherwise would not have been possible, although tweets must remain concise and informative. It is important to ensure every brand’s social media accounts serve their own purpose and that includes Twitter. Share an additional gif with a Tweet, but guarantee that the message still appeals to Twitter purists.

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