My iOS app that is a little more valuable than free. The numbers so far

Over a year ago I created a niche music theory iOS app to practice sight reading. Link: I originally created this app for myself while I was learning piano but I wanted to make it available to everyone. My app is free now and I wouldn’t mind trying to make money off of it eventually but for the time being I’m happy with it just being used. After its time in the app store it has a 5 star average with over 100 ratings and a small group of daily users. I feel it is the most useful product in its small category but it only very slowly grows in daily users. My app has some problems with the fact that the icon is very plain, the graphics are basic and there is no killer feature that will keep users engaged for much more than a few weeks but I feel it is a lot more valuable than free and deserves a much larger user base. The numbers just don’t agree with me. I’m going to show some stats which I think are interesting because it shows the growth based on new daily users.

Here are the metrics which I feel are the most important:

An average snapshot of daily new users

Daily Active Users

Daily Sessions

I have some theories about why my app isn’t more popular than it is.

1. It’s a little too niche.

This isn’t a game that appeals to everyone so it is harder to spread organically when people don’t necessarily have friends who could benefit from it that they will share it with. If that is the case then it just needs to be found and my app is much newer than most of my competition.

2. The user dropoff is too fast.

I know I don’t have competition boards or fun songs to practice with so I can see that my app just doesn’t have lasting appeal. Here is the graph for user drop-off:

3. There are a lot of apps in the store

And I’m just one of them.

That is what I have to report so far. I’m very happy with what I’ve made and I’ve recieved a lot of great feedback from my users and its great that a lot of people have benefited from this. I’m hopeful I can turn this into something more.