Sorry, that AA “study” is bullshit

AA has done a ton of good for a ton of people. Great.

And this is a different topic but one that is important to point out. I have a problem with AA because it does seem to assume(having many friends in it, I do feel like I can speak somewhat reasonably on the subject) that by abusing alcohol means you are an alcoholic.

One can abuse alcohol, even the most responsible drinker has once or twice, but that doesn’t mean you are an alcoholic. Some people prefer not drinking so that the occasional or regular abuse doesn’t occur, but I do get angry when abuse of alcohol is associated with alcoholism.

Sometimes something tragic or emotional will spur a period of abuse that is destructive and dangerous. But too often the alcohol is blamed when it is only the escape mechanism.

Having to stand up and (i know it’s voluntary) and say My name is ___ and I’m an alcoholic, is for me dangerous. It implies you have a fault. When you may just have a seriously hard period of your life that needs to be healed.

AA has saved a lot of people, but it has also given a lot of people a disease that is not really theirs to have.

I’m glad it worked for you, but all things should be questioned, and even when something works for some, it isn’t always good for all.

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