Post-Burn Brentwood Sunrise. Pic swiped from @erikafuhrmann.

Mind Over Mattress

Ryan Orrico
Oct 30, 2015 · 4 min read

I was just walking back home from my new favorite afternoon yoga class — and I bumped into this woman I know through the yoga/social media scene.

She stalks my Facebook and Instagram on the daily… and one more than one occasion, she’s been deep in the creep, Liking pics from 3+ years ago.

But she’s never been to one of my classes.

Her [unnecessary] explanation today as to why that is, which is the same as EVERY OTHER DAMN TIME she’s told me.

“I wish I could wake up that early. I’ve heard your class is amazing. I just can’t do it.”

Awww, poor baby. I didn’t even bring it up.. but thanks.

Basically what you’re saying is “yeah, I just let the first obstacle I encounter in the day beat me.”

If you’re going to let an inanimate object (your alarm), or an abstract concept (the time of day) beat you before you’ve even had a chance to start fighting, how do you expect to win when the competition is real?

Or.. in the mortal words of Paul Mort:

“what if you just decided — every day — that your commitment and the actions that follow became MORE IMPORTANT to you than your current level of comfort?”

If you’re going to use time-of-day as an excuse, at least take back enough power to CHOOSE to not wake up.

But don’t say you can’t.

Cuz that’s super lame.

I’m not saying sleep isn’t important, and you shouldn’t take advantage of a few extra hours here and there.. but if you concede so quickly.. and give yourself such little credit (“I can’t..”) — what’s going to happen when you run into a real obstacle?

If I had to bet my own cash money on who’s more likely to change the world… the woman who’s eyes are wide, bright and inspired at 7AM because she just crushed a killer yoga class and she’s on her way to do what she does..

… or the dude who’s still drooling on his pillow.

My money’s on homegirl.

But check this crazy shit out:

If you wake up an hour earlier each day — you add 15 days to your year. For reals.

Do you how many of the things you “wish you had time for” that you’ll now have time for?

It’s not hard.

It’s simply a “mind over mattress” thing.

Get it? Get it? Actually, I don’t really get it anymore. It seemed like a good idea at the time though.

The magic formula for waking up early and accomplishing everything you ever wanted to accomplish:

1. Make a decision.

2. Do it.

There’s a reason that the most successful, most creative, most impactful people ever wake up early… it works.

And that’s exactly why, even though it’s not exactly the most comfortable thing I do, I like to teach my class at 6AM.

Sure, I could take it to a later time — and maybe I’d be able to get a few of those “I wish I could wake up that early” folks to come out to class.

But straight up — I like the people at 6AM.

They’re there because they want to attack the day.

There’s something magical about the morning…

It’s quiet. The air is fresher. The sense of possibility is heightened because the atmosphere hasn’t been infected by AAC’s (Average American Citizen/Chump) text messages, wifi signals and the sound of car horns.

The sense of accomplishment that comes with having completed a workout, sweating and moving, strengthening and mobilizing your body — before the AAC’s have even rolled out of bed…

It makes it allll worth it.

Not a “morning person?”

Me neither.

But here’s how you get started:

It’s the same simple 2-step formula.

Make a decision to wake up and show up… then do it.

Let the rest sort itself out.

We’re here for you at Maha, MWF, 6–6:55AM.. and Saturday at 7:30AM.

Didja see what I did there?

If you want a little extra incentive — we’re about to start the Burn Yoga Bootcamp next week.

We filled the allotment of spaces, but some of the regular BurnPass students told me they’re going to be out of town next week — which frees up a little bit of space in the MWF classes — which means I can allow a few more bootcampers in.

Go here to learn a little bit more about it.

“Our actions may be impeded… but there can be no impeding our intentions or dispositions. Because we can accomodate and adapt. The mind adapts and converts to its own purposes the obstacle to our acting.

The impediment to action advances action.
What stands in the way becomes the way.”
-Marcus Aurelius

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