Religious Freedom…

The Strange and Lurid Tales of Subjective Logic and Government.


This is me wrapping my mind around the coupling of oppressive governmental and religious ideals and the perverted constitutional architecture of a society built around the beliefs of self-serving, twisted men. It is not a stab at good-hearted Christians, nor is it an exclamation of atheism or the like. It really is, as stated, an exercise in understanding.

To Begin, in the beginning…

To begin, I will attempt to define my understanding of Subjective Logic. I will tie it to religion and then attempt to poke holes in the fallacy ridden logic by which government believes they have particular rights which allow for the discrimination by citizens against citizens with opposing beliefs.

Subjective Logic

Subjective logic is a type of probabilistic logic generated by uncertainty and belief systems, like organized religion. In general, subjective logic is suitable for grasping and evaluating situations involving elements of uncertainty and the “yet to be determined” or unknown. Subjective Logic is the use of pure human generated opinion and speculation in lieu of absolute truth. While this does not make it semantically wrong, it does indeed make it susceptible to be mistaken for absolute truth and therein a great tool for misinformation and manipulation of the weak and powerless or otherwise gullible and naive folks that rely on higher powers to push and guide them through life.

Christian Values

Christian values are based in and of subjective logic. Christian values are a collective set or code of morals and ethics defined by elements derived from one of many variations of biblical text. Our understanding of the fruition and validity of said text is uncertain and incomplete. Said text has also been translated from Latin, rewritten, re-translated, and written again in order to meet the manipulative agenda of the powers that be. This is achieved through the censorship of particular elements to semantically pervert the original meaning. The understanding of said text has also been perverted through inherent fallible human logic. Human beings are by default incapable(generationally, through hearsay, conflicting personal/individual motives or the general passage of time)of defining, with any inkling of certainty and clarity, the true nature of this text, it’s origin or it’s grand statements on the creation of mankind and other passages that are meant to define the human condition. For example, while the bible does not say explicitly that the Earth and Mankind are approximately 6,000 years old, it does provide a reasonable way to calculate it via the addition of dates between Adam = 6 days + Abraham = ~2000BC to Current Day = 2015AD. If Adam and Eve, the proverbial bearers of mankind, were “Created” approximately 6000 years ago, then what’s up with the 11–12,000 year old site in Göbekli Tepe? Not only is it about twice as old, it is incredibly well engineered, giving one pause to believe that human life could have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years before developing these skill sets and subsequently changing our perception of human history. You see, the problem isn’t in the teachings of the Bible for people to be {generally} good. It’s the constant attempt/fight (vehemently so) to validate it’s outdated facts in order to substantiate it’s use as a social tool. To use this text and it’s incorporated/perceived code of morals and ethics as a way to substantiate one’s grander agenda or ruling/executive legislature is a prime paradigm of Subjective Logic.


Our grand nation, the United States of America, was founded under a “secular” document which shared with it’s citizens an ability to practice any religion and not be persecuted for your religious beliefs by others own religious beliefs. The guiding principles were of a majority objective value/fruition based on universal, common and natural laws. This unfortunately didn’t stick very well, as our countries leadership is and has been for some time predominantly Christian. We know what happens when people in positions of power, presiding over whole civilizations use their god brain instead of their people one. Things tend to end up a little gray washed in the name of God and [their] Lord and Saviour. So much so that they decide to write and attempt to pass bills that allow for businesses to discriminate against people in same-sex marriages because of their conflicting “religious beliefs.” Since when was Religious Freedom about utilizing Christianity to blow off the things you don’t like and not simply an ability to practice any faith you choose or not at all? Same-Sex Marriage, Abortion, Contraception, etc… Most of our major problem topics of great concern in this country are bottle necked from being solved by rich old white men (and women) egregiously utilizing their confused, self-serving and perverted ideas of the Christian religion, coupled with their completely delusional understanding of every other facet of human life in terms of faith and spirituality in a manner that indeed persecutes and holds civil liberties and universal human rights above the heads of their fellow [wo]man.

Conclusion {sorta}

Do these particular law makers really think that the use of this format of subjective logic in their legislation validates their behavior and gives them the supreme right to freely allow judgement and discrimination to occur among their citizens? Our government is not, by it’s fundamental values and guiding principles, a Christian one or otherwise religious by any means. To use a code of values rooted in generations upon generations of distorted, misguided, self-evaluated, subjective logic is in very short, after a long-winded rant :

“Undeniably Fucking Stupid.”

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