I’m the world’s greatest detective, and tonight I’ll be doing the Hamlet.

Young man in suspenders smokes a pipe thoughtfully.

Here I find myself, snowed in at a Rocky Mountain chateau with seven total strangers: an aging socialite, a Russian cosmonaut and likely KGB agent, his mistress (also an acclaimed Bolshoi ballerina), the world’s second-greatest jewel thief, a Texarkana oil baron with a bounty on his head, a seductive Czech…

Some of us can still separate an artist and his art.

No one cares more about the #MeToo movement than me. I even tweeted at Alyssa Milano once. As a bona fide supporter of #MeToo, I feel deeply for Kevin Spacey’s victims, especially that one guy, I think his name is Tommy or maybe Tristan, who got famous by starring in…

Ryan Weber

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