My little journey to “Veganism”, and what diet I think YOU should go on!

As someone who has struggled with their weight, I think I’ve gained a little bit of experience when it comes to dietary choices and lifestyles.

The first time I experienced weight gain was after graduating high school. I gained 10 lbs during summer and another 10 lbs during my freshman year. I didn’t give it much importance at first, but I started noticing how I’d easily feel tired and be out of breath. That’s when the cycle of diets started. I tried every diet you can find online. I ended up losing all the weight I gained. 2 weeks later, started taking back the weight. I was binge eating. I was craving all what I restricted myself of. The result: Gained 12 lbs.

I went back to the “healthy” lifestyle again. I was exercising everyday, eating very little. I lost all the weight, plus more. I was leaning towards anorexia. I survived 2 months before going back to binge eating. I binged every night. Months later, I gained everything back: 20+ Lbs.

After recovering from the mental roller coaster that is an eating disorder. I started looking back to the mistakes I made before. I noticed what worked for me most and what didn’t. I read articles and researched about diets, food and what it is to be healthy.

I have been eating plant based for quite a while now. I choose not to label myself as a vegan (even though I do sometimes to make it easier for people to understand my dietary choices). I choose not to consume animal products, not because of the wave of veganism that has appeared, not because it is what’s right to do, and certainly not as a diet. It is a choice purely based on my dietary history and what works for me. I have never been a fan of meat. I rarely ate meat. On another hand, dairy products have always induced digestive problems for me. My skin also tends to get oily when I consume dairy products. All problems that I got rid of once I started eating plant based. I am now leading a mental and physical healthy lifestyle, more focused about optimizing my energy everyday than the number on the scale or the size of my pants.

I write this not to convince you to become vegan. My point is, find what works best for you. The key is moderation. Don’t be a consumer of popularized standards. Take care of your health the way you see fit.

Thank you for reading.

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