The art of moving on

A lot of humans beings have been through a break-up, and it remains to be a tough and painful experience to (almost) everyone. As intelligent creatures able to evolve and find solutions to problems that face us, we should’ve found a solution to the famous question: “How to move on?”.

Why haven’t we answered the question yet? So many articles have been written about it, countless conversations with family members and friends, and yet, no one is able to give us THE answer, THAT answer. The answer that will come to heal the wounds, erase the memories, give us peaceful sleep, allow us to live again…

There’s no formula, no instructions book. Most people just wait for time to do its work, I can’t disagree with that. Time takes away everything. However, I do not want to live in the misery anymore. Yes, I write this as a newly heartbroken human being. The experience is emotionally overwhelming. That being said, I do not want to waste a year of my life dwelling over the past. That is why I’d like to move on right now.

Yesterday I have allowed myself to shed tears. I also allowed myself to send her a message. The answer was — as expected — disappointing. I woke up today with the resolution that I won’t let myself daydream nor think too much. Or else I’ll end up a pathetic emotional mess by night again. 
Admitting to this is hard for a man like me, but I choose to open my heart to others. Because I want to heal. I want to feel alive again and not heartbroken. Broken hearts are bad for this world, they either become desperate and hopeless, or turn to revenge.

Today has been slightly better, I avoided thinking of her. I did end up thinking of her for sometime, of our moments together, of the moments where my heart was pounding in my chest... But I brushed off quickly, quicker than I usually do.

I’d like to hear break-up stories. Maybe I’ll find a scientific pattern to letting go. I’m determined to do so. I do not accept for this pain to be okay. People should not feel this. No lover should bear this.

Thank you for reading.

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