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Digitizing Humanity

I’m bad at saving money. Well, I guess I’m getting better. Let’s go out to eat 5 times this week, instead of 6! That’s progress. Though aren’t we all trying to save our money just a little bit better?

There’s another part to this too, I don’t really trust banks. To me there seems to be something off about the notion of a business wanting you not to spend money. It was time to try something new. (New is always better, right?)

May 1st, 2015 I tried Digit

For those of you who don’t know about Digit, it’s a fantastic way for people who don’t keep rigorous track of their expenses to find a few extra dollars in their spare jeans every once in a while. It seemed very risk-free and if they’re saving algorithms ever screwed me over they were willing to pick up the tab. It was more of a “Why the hell not?” kind of decision. Now, exactly two months later I can’t picture not having Digit as a part of my routine and I wish that I had started earlier.

This was the .gif that Digit sent to me the morning that my account balance rose over $100. I saw this when I woke up and it absolutely made my day. This is the moment I realized why I really enjoyed having Digit as a part of my life.

Digit is Designed as a Companion

The greatest decision that Digit ever made was to utilize texting as the only way to access your savings. It felt limiting at first, though the lack of options I was given turned out to give me a sense of freedom. If I ever needed to know anything about my bank account, all I had to do was send off a quick text. I quickly found myself not needing any banking applications on my phone and I loved that. If I need to know the balance of my account before a big purchase It’s as simple as texting a friend “Wassup?”

People criticized Instagram when they restricted image uploads to their mobile application but it thoroughly defined their niche and design philosophy. Digit has done the same thing by focusing on text messages as the medium of which people interact with your app. What was once a sacred haven for only the closest of friends, a robot now invades.

A Robot in Sheep’s Clothing

Of course I know that there’s a computer responding to me on the other side of the screen, and when it comes to my bank information I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. It’s really all about presentation. Digit is designed to make you feel like your torchbearer on the dark trail to responsible savings. All the way from their light, welcoming color palette to the friendly face of the digit logo.

The Digit Logo/Icon

Digit is a fantastic example of a company utilizing a human approach as a way of on-boarding and keeping customers. Right now they seem to be the outlier, but I think that as companies continuously try and integrate new and unique strategies the human element will be a driving force in their design principles.

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