You are God

You are God. The power to create the Universe lies within your mind. Your imagination denies the limitations of rational thinking and confirms the world is what you make it.

You pretend you are not God because your ego separates you from the truth. Distracted by illusions, you don’t take responsibility for what you are. The truth, the one truth.

from a vision in the mind’s eye to a physical entity projected for sightseeing

from nothing to something all from a thought through action into creation

from an idea which would consider you crazy, the line is blurry between mad and brilliant… what wasn’t here moments ago stands as testimony of your power.

breathe in the fresh air surrounding you, and exhale what you envision as you take each breath. give what has been given to you: life. you will be looked at for what you are: an artist, a creator of reality, a god.