Fantastic insight, Ryan.
Libby Maurer

Thank you Libby! I’m so glad it resonated with you. Super impressed you’ve been able to pull together a top notch and dedicated research team. Research is one of those areas where it’s “too expensive to do” or completely overwhelmed with demand. As a leader, it’s up to me to prioritize what the team should be working on. Sometimes, actually quite often, it’s finding soft ways of saying, “No.” or “Not at the moment.” Within my teams, I actually don’t really sell research activities as a separate task because I’ve had so many negative responses to it. Often, there’s an assumption it’s too expensive or takes to much time, so I’ve had to adjust. Simply put, we bake research activities into what we do. Whether doing IA, IxD, Graphic Design, or driving strategic roadmaps, we do research at all times. I then provide levels of effort estimations based on including research. At the end of the day, my team is responsible for making product and design decisions. If we’re making decisions without data or research, it’s on us if the design decision ends up being a poor choice. We have to be able to back up our decisions, whether good or bad. The only I know how to is to have research. :)

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