The Baldwin Brothers are Proof that Trickle Down Economics Works

Historically, one of the strongest arguments in support of trickle down economics has been the Baldwin brothers, who, in many ways, are a perfect microcosm of the US economy.

Much like the US economy, nearly all Baldwin acting roles are generated by the top 1% of Baldwins (Alec). Without this job-creating engine in the family, the less ambitious and less industrious Baldwins such as Stephen and Billy would not be able to enjoy the standard of living that they do.

Additionally, without the hard work and ingenuity of Alec, the standard of living of Baldwins up and down the economic ladder would suffer dramatically and we would not see the healthy middle class of Baldwins such as Daniel Baldwin that we currently have today.

In the event of an economic recession (lack of roles being offered to all Baldwins), the most efficient way to jumpstart the Baldwin economy would NOT be to subsidize lower class Baldwins by hiring them into contrived roles in low budget movies. This would serve only to increase the entitlement of these lazier Baldwins, who would likely waste the majority of the income on cocaine.

Instead, prevailing economic theory would suggest that hiring Alec Baldwin to star in a reboot of “Married to the Mob” would in turn raise demand for ALL Baldwins, helping to create opportunity and work for the rest of the family.

The Baldwin family has finally proven, that prosperity can only be achieved by providing tax cuts to our country’s wealthiest and sexiest citizens, and then waiting patiently for wealth and opportunity to trickle down through the economic systems.




Economist and entrepreneur

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Ryan Belanger-Saleh

Ryan Belanger-Saleh

Economist and entrepreneur

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