High Carb VS Low Carb

“Can you explain what advice I gave that leads to weight gain??”

“Thanks for sharing.
I actually agree with you and this was my very next article I wrote…

It’s also why I mention that once weight loss is achieved you need to recalculate the equation, because metabolism has slowed with reduced calorie intake and decreased body weight.

Curious to hear your opinion about research showing that, with protein and calories equal between diets, high carb and high fat diet produce the same weight loss results.

I’ve gone down the insulin rabbit hole, I have the same opinion as you, but I’ve also been proved wrong.”

“I don't believe I am missing the point.

Mr original message was change one thing while keeping everything else the same.

That means you can continue doing everything you're currently doing and add exercise, OR decrease calories.

This will lead to weight loss and then you will reach a point of maintenance, at which you need to reevaluate the variables.

High carb and high fat diets can both work.

They can also both fail.

Some people do better with one over the other.

It sounds like you're trying to say people can't gain weight while eating a high fat diet.

This is not true.”

“That's why I didn't say eat less move more I said do one or the other while keeping everything else the same. But that's beside the point.

Exercise increases metabolism.

Are you trying to say that increasing muscle mass isn't going to help you burn fat?

Are you trying to say that exercise is going to "slow people down" by improving their cardiorespiratory fitness?

Do you not believe in maintenance?

It is very possible to eat enough calories to satisfy hunger and energy requirements while exercising and not gain or lose weight.

If I have a low metabolism, don't exercise, and eat a low carb or high carb diet, I will gain weight. “[If calories are over maintenance levels]

“I have read both of your articles and I'm not really interested in reading explanations of your opinions that you're treating as scientific literature.

Once again you have skirted around my most important questions...

Do you believe it is impossible to gain weight on a high fat low carb diet?

Do you not believe people can eat calories at a level that maintains their body weight?

If you gain muscle, which increases your metabolism (we both agreed on this), then do not increase calorie intake, your metabolism will slow down and then you will gain weight.

That is what you said.

How will you gain body fat from gaining muscle?”

“Do you know who Dr. Benjamin Bikman is?

You've referenced insulin frequently so I assume you do.

His first recommendation to combat insulin resistance and become more sensitive is to weight train and put on muscle.”

“Okay, well here is an interview after his book came out where he speaks about the importance of exercise and muscle.


Anyways, it was great talking to you, even though you seemed to be condescending at times, and it sounds like we both have similar goals of helping people.

Once again I never disagreed with you, I just said there is more than one right way.

It is scary when people have an all or nothing approach to their opinions and it only spreads more and more confusion.”

“So these people weren't successful in achieving long term weight loss because they didn't do it via keto??




I agree with you that insulin is important and can play a role.

I disagree with what you say about muscle and exercise.

My original message was about how you don't have to count calories, you don't have to learn nutrition science, you don't have to completely overhaul your diet, you can change just one habit at a time and be successful.

All of those people above would agree with me and they have had great success with long term weight loss.”



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