I’m Full of Crap & So Are You (here’s why)

Yesterday my daughter Elle turned 5 years old.

Pretty crazy, time goes by.

My younger brother came over to play cards and I was talking to him about a book I was reading..
It’s called..

“Mistakes were made (but not by me)

I explained how I was playing with this idea of lying to yourself.

I know this may crumble your reality, but we all do it to some degree and I find it fascinating.

It makes me uncomfortable.

It makes me sick to my stomach.

Call me a mental masochist, but I believe that it’s our uncomfortable moments that teach us the most.

So every time I feel uncomfortable, I try to catch myself and question it.

There’s a story we’re telling about our life. our situations. our wins and our losses.

We often look for ways to confirm the reality we tell ourselves.

What if you’re full of crap? What if I’m full of crap?

Yes it’s possible!! And my hobby is to play with this reality.

If this all sounds weird, here’s a new arm workout I’m doing: 

If you like more weird stuff, here’s another video:


PS. Ate a crap load of food, so I’m about to go on a quick workout and run it off… :) workout today if you haven’t. And if you have a good excuse not to. well then…do whatever you want.