How to Arrange a Memorable Christmas Party

Christmas time in Sweden is filled with activities. The atmosphere is that of merrymaking and fun. The season is full of parties, events, and shopping. It is the time to holiday, to enjoy, to celebrate. Companies and private individuals arrange parties to celebrate this festive season. To make parties successful, it is important to give the guests what they want, and also to surprise them by introducing an element that makes them positively excited.

As per an article written by Jeremy Stahl, half of the Swedish population tune into the broadcast of Donald Duck and His Friends Wish You a Merry Christmas, on the eve of Christmas; a trend that dates back to 50 years (Every Christmas Eve Half of Sweden Sits Down To Watch What?). It is therefore a good idea to entertain the crowd during a Julshow Stockholm by broadcasting or arranging for the Donald Duck show- “Donald Duck and His Friends Wish You a Merry Christmas”. This could win many hearts as it is a show enjoyed and loved by people of all age groups.

Another way to win hearts at a Julshow Stockholm is to provide traditional Christmas food of the Swedish, i.e. a buffet comprising of the following food items:

  • Ham
  • Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Sausages
  • Meatballs
  • Potatoes with anchovies
  • Herring
  • Cheese and bread
  • Julmust

Ideas to make a splendid Christmas party could be plenty, but to implement these ideas is not a piece of cake. A lot of effort goes into making an event successful. Many vendors need to be contacted and co-ordinated. Several amenities need to be made available for the guests. Sitting arrangement, food arrangement, lightings and decorations, along with a provision for entertainment are some of the basic requirements which need to be fulfilled for arranging any kind of event. While we may be able to organise small kitty parties at homes or a birthday party for our children where only neighbours are invited, it is hard to manage large scale events and big parties. Even if we have the tips and ideas to arrange a party, we lack the expertise, the professionalism that event managers have, to execute any idea with simplicity. It is therefore important that event managers are hired to hold grand parties and important events as they bring along them, their technical and logistical elements that help an event succeed.

The team of event managers and planners comprise of people who are energetic and have a vision; people who adhere to their commitment and take responsibility and authority of different aspects of event management. Behind every successful and memorable event, is the hard work of a proficient event manager, working behind the scenes to make an event seem flawless. In some cases event managers do more than just planning and executing the event; they bring about brand promotion, carry out meetings with a strong content and help in building the market of a business. SPG Event is one such an event agency that can help create business events, award functions and Julfest Stockholm.