If people interacted on a daily basis would the world be a more equal place?

Think about it for a minute. The CEO of Starbucks has $1.4m spent on his security this year. Small change compared to others. This removes any interaction between the mere mortals and Mr H. Schultz. The guy who’s time is (supposedly) more valuable than yours. Does that alter his behaviour towards society. If all he has to go on are his aides telling him hyperbole, his opinion is all conjecture. He has a distorted view of society which is pretty fucked when he holds a load of the aces.

Think of a premiership footballer that you respect. Preferably not John Terry. I’ll guess its the dude that still goes back to his estate and speaks to the people that he once was. He stays a little more grounded, starts a foundation for poor kids to help a few out of the hundreds toward a better life. He tries to drag inequality back from the brink.

Or maybe the Prime Minister. Tony Blair wages a war in Afghanistan, rocket fire killing innocent families. Would he do the same if he visited and spoke with them, seeing the heartache and destruction and ultimately the necessity for a different approach? Would he act in the same way as he did? Human psychology would surely say no.

It would be unthinkable, inhumane and deliberate.

Jose Mujica wears trousers to meetings of foreign dignitaries that cost a fifth of what I spend on a pair of jeans. He also wears these same garment to meet with locals in their kitchens as they drink tea. They talk about crop rotations and how the council’s policy on fertiliser has made a group of 12 year olds leave school for the fields. Otherwise, the family do not eat. Across the planet in Asia, the labourer sells his daughter to cover the rent. At 13 she is mentally and physically broken by men from the UK, US and Australia.

Ever hear of the Koch Brothers? They literally shit money, super rich dudes. I’d bet a small fortune that they haven’t pulled into a McDonalds and ordered a Happy meal in a while. If they did they may just catch a whisper of the discontent among the masses. I’m not saying they wouldn’t still be ardent capitalists, they may however just rein it in a little. The likelihood is that deep down they aren’t evil people.

When we become desensitised to something we forget completely what our actions mean or achieve. If we all became a little more human, helping those around us maybe we’d all live somewhere that we felt proud to call home.

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