me vs. me

Depression is a war

A battle against yourself

Every thought is a bullet

Every movement is a punch

Every word is a stab in the heart

Depression is a thief

It steals everything you once had

Everything left behind are the things that keep you trapped

Depression is a murder

It killed the boy I used to be

I look in the mirror

And I see this thing

Depression is a zombie

You are alive but dead

You are unaware of what is happening

You are the walking dead

Depression is a nightmare

You wake up into a Hell

You are afraid of living

Everything seems impossible to hear

Depression is an ocean

A sea of emotions

You are drowning everyday

However you are never saved

Depression is a bottomless pit

Never ending pain

Never ending struggles

There is no light

There is no escape

Depression is a war

You either win

Or you die trying

And I am afraid to say that I am losing

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