“Excuse me, you have spinach in your teeth.”

They say that honesty is the best policy and whoever they are, I agree. Honesty can provide freedom from having to keep up a lie and can be very helpful to your neighbors.

When you are honest with someone (with tact and compassion, of course) it shows a level of consideration for them. Think about who you feel the need to be honest with (friends, family, spouse, boss, etc). Now a stranger or a random cashier may not be as close as them but the point stands.

How much help is it when someone’s honesty prevents a huge mistake, or a co-worker’s boldness informs you that you have a booger dangling or your slip is showing (ladies? right?), or your friend lets you know you accidentally hurt their feelings so you know for next time?

So be more honest with folks. Choose words carefully and use gentleness of course, but be honest and bold to gain respect in the eye of your peers, especially if your candidness helps them. I will end this post with a question.

Would you prefer to unknowingly walk around with a large piece of green food stuff in your smile, OR, would you prefer to have someone stop you, pull you aside, and simply say “Excuse me, you have spinach in your teeth.”?