Mongo! Mongo!

I love to cook. I love to eat even more than cooking. I learned years ago that food is so important in this life in many many ways. It literally keeps us alive, it brings us together, it can be a gift and given as gesture of love, and can even mend fences.

My grandfather told me once that “No matter what your lot in life, you can always eat well. Life is too short to eat bad food. Enjoy. Mangia”. I remember those words and I learned how food can bring people together and it might as well be good food to boot. “Mmmm” sounds the same in every language.

Jesus at the last hour reclined at the table with his brothers and had a meal before he died. Nana made cookbooks that people have had for decades now and those dishes are served to great grandchildren. I have tried recipes that have been on the plates of my ancestors going back to the 1800’s. All these comfort me and encourage me to eat well, eat with those you love, and to share a meal with people both old and new.

So share your table. Have a conversation in the kitchen. Bring someone some cookies on their birthday. If you have wronged someone, go take them out and buy them a steak dinner (and obviously pick up the check). Have pride in your food. As they say in Italian, Mangia! Mangia! (Eat! Eat!). (Though when my grandpa was a kid he mispronounced it “Mongo! Mongo!”…we still tease him about it)

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