Coffee: My friend Joe.

My friend Joe has been a loyal friend of mine for a few years now. Some people don’t like how strong Joe is. Joe keeps me company at work all day and makes me quite productive. It’s good to have proper motivation like that.

It’s weird to say but i love the way Joe smells. Joe is flexible and is literally warmed and welcomed in fancy restaurants or can just hang out at the house while you read or study (which is what we normally do).

People all across the world like Joe and are in business with him. Joe transcends age, race, social status, and income. Joe judges not who you are and associates with both the elite and the common alike.

Joe can easily break the ice with a guy or girl you have just met. Because Joe is non threatening, Joe is brought along on several first dates all the time.

Most people prefer Joe in small doses (mostly in the morning) but I don’t mind Joe being around all day. Warning, if you aren’t careful, Joe will keep you up all hours of the night but it’s not intentional.

These are the kind of friends in life that are hard to come by. Enjoy Joe often as you can. Joe is social, dependable, motivating, helps you focus, and can just be good company after a meal.

So whether it is to kick-off a business relationship, break the ice with a guy or girl you just met, or just kill some time on a Saturday…just grab Joe.